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Order Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era for your library, classroom, reading and writing groups, and yourself. Royalties will be donated to #SayHerName.

Statement on #BlackSpring

We hope our work speaks for us, but in case it does not make plain where we stand: We want our contributors, community, and supporters to know that we stand with the current varied and dynamic elegiac responses to the systemic killing of Black people. We support efforts to affirm the right of Black people to live free of state-sanctioned violence and terrorism through our policies of donating our royalties to #SayHerName and amplifying writers committed to the words and the work of disrupting and dismantling the systems that have made this Black Spring inevitable and necessary.  

-The Editors     

Virtual Tour (Fall 2020-Spring 2021):

In early March 2020, we kicked off a tour of readings and talks, and have decided to transition that series to a virtual platform for Fall 2020-Spring 2021. If your program or institution is interested in being part of our virtual tour, please contact the editors.

Upcoming Events:

Boston Public Library, November 19, 2020, at 6pm, with Danielle Legros Georges

Recent Events:

On September 15, 2020, darlene and Sequoia joined Emily at Ball State for a reading from Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era and a conversation about the sociopolitical inequities and artistic impulses that compel contemporary eleqiac expressions. You can watch the event on Ball State’s YouTube channel.

Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era was selected for the 2020 Mayor’s Book Club in Austin, TX:

Catch-up CafĂ« – Insta Live conversation between Sequoia Maner and Deborah Paredez on Intsagram Live Tuesday 12 May @ 2:00 pm CST.

WPFW – On The Margin – Live conversation between Emily Ruth Rutter and E. Ethelbert Miller on 21 May @ 9am EST.

Auburn Avenue – journal issue launch on 29 May @ 6:00 PM EST, reading with Sequoia Maner and other writers.

Book Launch:

The co-editors were recently reading from and discussing Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era in Austin, TX. On March 3, we participated in a reading at the George Washington Carver Museum with an incredible line-up of Austin poets, including Amanda Johnston, Travis Helms, Monica Teresa Ortiz, Jesus Valles, and KB. On March 4, we gave the Jessie Daniel Ames lecture at Southwestern University. Entitled “Poetry of Witness,” our talk focused on the work of antiracism through and beyond poetry and on and off campuses. We were also joined by Kelly Lessard, who took the poignant photograph on the book’s cover.

Please note that we are donating all royalties from Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era to Black Lives Matter and its kindred organizations. During our book launch in Austin, we raised an additional $191 to support the movement. Let’s keep this momentum up!

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Black History Month Celebration & Reading

Check out two incredible poets, Cameron Barnett and Steffan Triplett, included in Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era for a reading in celebration of Black History Month. The complete list of readers is: Cameron Barnett, Jari Bradley, Malcolm Friend, K. Henderson, Willie Kinard III, Nicole Lourette, Gabrielle Ralambo-Rajerison, and Steffan Triplett. Co-organized and co-hosted by Cameron Barnett and Malcolm Friend.

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Image: Phillis Wheatley gifted with flowers at the Boston Women’s Memorial.

Hosted by the African American Literature & Culture Society (AALCS), Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era held a round table at the 30th annual conference of the American Literature Association (ALA) which took place from May 23-26, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. Joined by poet Danielle Legros Georges who delivered a memorable and powerful performance, co-editors Emily Rutter, Sequoia Maner, and darlene anita scott (via Skype) previewed poems and essays published in the book.


Image: Obelisk dedicated to Harriet Tubman featured at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati

Revisiting the Elegy presented at the 32nd annual MELUS (Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States) conference, held from March 21-24, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio and organized around the theme “Underground Histories.” Co-editors Emily Rutter and Sequoia Maner, along with contributor Dr. Debbie Mix spoke about the landscape and stakes of black-authored elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era. From memorializing Tiffany Austin to discussions of structural racism in the medical establishment and innovation in contemporary black poetics, the roundtable was lively and fruitful.